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Eye Examinations in Leyburn

Thorough & Professional Eye Examinations

Comprehensive eye examinations are an important part of monitoring your eye health. At our private practice in Leyburn, we offer the most detailed eye examinations in the area using the best technology available to give you a complete update on your vision and ocular health.  


With our eyecare plan, for £5.50 per month, you will be entitled to eye examinations whenever you need them, Optomap scans and OCT scans, emergency appointments and a 10% discount applied to all your eyewear. 


Why Should You Have An Eye Exam?

Eye examinations are a great first step in taking care of your eyes.


Eye exams check your vision but also offer valuable insights into your overall eye health. Importantly, they give you a chance to talk with our experienced team, who alongside their recommendations, will always take the time to give you advice on the best ways to improve your eye health.  


What To Expect In An Eye Examination?

We understand that patients need different things from an eye examination so we are proud to offer a highly personalised service.


As an independent practice, we are free to take the time needed to ensure our patients get the eye care that’s right for them. Our eye examinations run a series of enhanced tests to assess your vision and eye health, including OCT and Optomap.

Optomap vs retinal photography
Advanced Technology With OCT and Optomap 

Helping us to offer the best possible eye examinations to our patients are Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Optomap. These two technologies are at the cutting edge of optical science.


OCT scans create a cross-section image of the different layers of the eye allowing optometrists to examine key areas in incredible detail and catch conditions that might otherwise be missed.


Optomap is used to create a panoramic image of your retina and allows 60% more of the retina to be examined than traditional methods. Both procedures are quick, non-intrusive and completely painless. 

Following Your Appointment

Following your eye examination, if vision correction is required, we will guide you through your options of eyewear frames, spectacle lenses and contact lenses.


Our optometrist will issue you with a prescription and explain what it means. Throughout your time with us, you will have the opportunity to ask any questions so you can feel relaxed and confident that you understand your requirements based on your needs and lifestyle choices. 

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